Neighbourhood Panel

Neighbourhood Panel on the Wicken Vision

Bottisham Village College, 7th July 2010

A Neighbourhood panel meeting was held on Wednesday 7th July, where the District Council gave the National Trust an opportunity to answer questions of concern to the public. This comes after questions on the Wicken Vision were first raised with the panel about two years ago.

A great deal has happened with the Wicken Vision since then, including the District Council giving planning permission for a new bridge over Reach Lode, now in place.

Most of the meeting was taken up with 9 introductory speeches from the panel, followed by selected written questions being read out, from those submitted in advance. Mr Broadbent-Yale, for the NT, sat next to chair where he could even have had the possibility of influencing which questions were selected to be read out!

The Fenland Bridleways Association weren't allowed any questions, but something was said at the end about improved access for tourists and cows leading to reduced access for local people.